Effect of blockade in Tourism, Hotel & Restaurant Industry

Posted On November 19, 2015

The current blockade by Indian government in the essential supplies to Nepal has badly affected tourism, hotel & restaurant industry which was already in the creeping stage by the massive earthquake of April 24th & May 12th 2015. due to shortage of fuel most of the restaurant are already closed and some which good stock of fuel are running with limited special fuel efficient menus. One can hardly find restaurants operating in fully fledged way. Restrateurs in major locations like Thamel, Durbarmarg, Jhamshikhel, Lake side Pokhara, Lumbini & Sauraha have stated that the customer flow has also drastically decreased. The festive season always have been negatively hitting the restaurant business and moreover the fuel shortage has forced the limited mobility for people and customers are not able to reach to their desired restaurants for meal. Hotels on the other hand are operating with an average of 25-30% of occupancy. Some small hotels in off locations are not having even 10% occupancy. Tour operators are already getting series of cancellations on their fixed business too. The tourists who are in the city are not being able to receive proper service of transportation, laundering, etc. In case the situation is prolonged it is for sure that many of the hospitality business will be closed forever due to bankruptcy and it will take pretty long time to see the recovery.