Byanjan: A Must Hangout Place in Pokhara

Posted On December ,

Byanjan (Luxury Meal in Nepali) is Pokhara’s one of the recent mustvisit restaurant by Baibhav Poudel, a hotelier and a restaurateur. As the name suggests, the concept behind Byanjan is opening a high end restaurant in lakeside targeting both foreigners and local market. In today’s scenario, local market is the major revenue generating source for any restaurant in the country. Byanjan is well known in Pokhara as well as Katthmandu crowd as the most happening place in Pokhara. The ‘less is more’ idea is reflected by the cosy interior and even the cozy balcony having outdoor space gives you the feel of more, it feels spacious with the view of large football ground and the very large fewa lake. The color combination of Blue, White and Red instantly gave me a feel of patriotism, yes our National Flag. Different settings in a single restaurant with coffee shop, bar, lounge in indoor and relaxing outdoor with natural lake view and a small pool is what Byanjan offers. The ground floor’s pool and the pebbled floor give the feeling of beach. Patio is all covered by greenery which soothes your eyes and your mind.

Baibhav, the man behind Byanjan, along with Manoj Bhatta are giving class service to its patrons. Both have long industry experience. Baibhav has national as well as international exposure in the field. The restaurant is designed by the very popular restaurant designer Siddharth Gopalan. He has taken care of every aspect, proper color combination and soothing lights make you feel like spending your whole evening here looking at the restaurant or the serene fewa lake.

The menu is quite extensive, whether that’s a beverage menu or their food menu. We started our dinner with their specialty cocktail- Himalayan Breeze, Red color dominates the drink but then is balanced by lots of crushed ice slowly melting the dark red into soft red. Malibu’s flavor gave it a nice aroma with a good kick of Vodka and Gin. We were sipping the first cocktail when a well mannered and well dressed server came with our first starter, Mutton Sekuwa. We were impressed with the dish as it is rare to find mutton without fat and it was exactly what we wanted to get indulged into. A spicy treat with complimenting pickle gave a good balance to the cocktail we were having. We were offered with Electric Lemonade then. The name itself explains the cocktail, an electrifying kick in the lemonade with vodka as a base ingredient. Chicken Tikka accompanied the Electric Lemonade was a perfect combination. Chicken Tikka was served with salad and mint chutney. Tikka came well cooked and was succulent. They have whole range of Tandoor cooked dishes.

Chicken Tikka was followed by Tandoori Platter which was composed of varieties of Tandoor cooked dishes out of which we loved Seekh Kebab the most. Seekh Kebab has to be very well cooked, soft and succulent, mince has to be very finely done. The Seeekh Kebab in Byanjan is a perfect treat to your taste buds and it literally melts in your mouth, a true identification of Seekh Kebab.

Then arrived their specialty, Square Pizza, unique in its shape, it offered a glimpse of their Italian Section. They have given space to Indian, Continental, Italian to Nepalese Cuisine in their menu which is a commendable effort. Their pizza too melted in our mouth. Being a cheese lover, I couldn’t resist my hands on them and I was loving every bite of it.

We were already full, still wanted to taste more as we loved the food and the environment, and we were not in mood to move ahead without tasting some more dishes. We thought of ordering Khaja Set as it comprised of many dishes in one single plate so that we can taste more dishes. Khaja Set, a popular Newari set of all spicy dishes, mutton sekuwa, bhatmas sandeko, mula ko achaar, aloo sandeko, golbheda ko achaar, wai wai and chiura. A little difference was added by Sunny Side Up Egg, which enhanced the presentation and taste of the Khaja Set.

Not just the food and cocktails, but also the company of Baibhav and Manoj enhanced the whole meal experience of all of us. Serene Environment, Variations in Ambience, Extensive Menu, Delicious Dishes, Commendable Cocktails and wide range of liquors and liqueurs, all attract you to Byanjan. Beside the regular restaurant service, they are also known for their unique events, one of them-Raintertainment being the most popular one.

If you are in Pokhara or visiting the place soon, you must not miss “The Byanjan Experience”.