Toyokaraage; Japanese Fried Chicken

Posted On November 18, 2015

Karaage in Japan means fried dishes. Japanese are too much fond of Fried Chicken. Christmas in other countries denote Turkey, Puddings, Cakes, Pies and Gingerbreads whereas, in Japan, Christmas denotes Fried Chicken and only Fried Chicken. 

Japanese Fried Chicken is a popular variant of Fried Chickens around the world. They are special and different because of the marinades used for the marination and the sauces they are served with.

ToyoKaraage, a Japanese Fried Chicken Joint started its service in Nepal from January 2015 from Thapathali, Kathmandu and expanded its services through two more outlets in Bishalnagar and Maharajgunj since July. They are planning to establish eight outlets in Nepal in the first phase and then expand to India.

My first Japanese Fried Chicken experience started with Thapathali outlet. The outlet is small and cozy with simple yet elegant ambience. The ambience denotes the spring of Japan along with Japanese Flag with red and white as the base colors of the outlet.

ToyoKaraage serve different variants of Fried Chicken in different marination as well as different sauces. They have wings, lollies, leg with bone, leg without bone, chicken breast cooked in different sauces or served with sauces.

The available varieties of sauces are Red Sauce, made out of red chillies, Green Sauce, created from green chillies and avocado pulp and Tangy Sauce, a very fiery one.

Their addition to fried chicken menu are the ones which are fried and then cooked in different sauces imported from Japan.  The one which is the hot cake these days is Flaming Wings. If you are in mood to order this, then the management of ToyoKaraage suggests to try them on your own risk. It’s hot like hell. It is deep fried chicken wings dipped hot fiery above hot sauce.

Another addition to their menu is Hot & Sour Wings, it is less fiery and tangy. They also have a sweet and hot variant, Hot & Sweet Chicken Wings. I loved the way they presented it.  Chicken Wings are deep fried, then coated in soy based sweet and hot sauce, topped with sesame.

In Asian Zing, another variety, I found somewhat Chinese taste with cornflour based hot and little sour sauce. They also have sight continental flavor in their chicken with Chicken Wings with Vinegar and Tartar Sauce.

They do serve other dishes as well. They have Japanese Curry Rice in Veg and Non Veg Options. They also serve Momos, I guess a very much necessary item in menu for Nepal. Momos here are too juicy and the sauce they serve with momos are extra ordinary. The sauce is made out of sesame and has Nepalese and Japanese fusion flavor.  

If you are in hurry and need some quick bites of delicious chicken dishes, then this place would be the right one for you. Or even if you are not in hurry and a vivid chicken lover, then this place is a must in your list.

Enjoy your bite of Chicken.

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